Welcome to my Lord of the Rings music videos.

Newest videos are on top. More videos to come. Have fun. kat

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Spirited Away (Crossover Merlin - LotR)

size: 13 MB
music: Spirited Away (OST) - medley

I wanted to do a crossver between these movies for some time and finally brought one of my many ideas to life.


size: 16 MB
music: A Perfect Circle - Gravity

Frodo/Sam centric, I'm not quite sure about the song, whether it fits or not. Hope you like it though.


size: 16 MB
music: Guns 'N Roses - Don't Cry

This was supposed to be my entry for the last "Show Your Quality" challenge. Theme was eternal friendship. No slash intended.

All Mine

size: 13,5 MB
music: Tom Jones "All Mine" (re-edited January '05)

I'm glad I completed this vid, because I started work in April and it took some time. It's all about how the "good" people are tempted by the ring.

Gloomy Sunday

size: 14 MB
music: Heather Nova "Gloomy Sunday"

My june challenge vid, theme: loss (re-edited Dezember '04)


Eowyn Waiting

size: 14 MB
music: Doves "M62 Song"

Eowyn waiting for her love and for her life to begin.


Fall For Me

size: 13,5 MB
music: Delta Goodrem "Will You Fall For Me?"

Eowyn and Aragorn. (re-edited Dezember '04)


size: 8 MB
music: Theme frome Angel - ATS

My "Show your quality challenge" video. Very short.



size: 12 MB (wmv, zipped)
music: 3 Doors Down "Changes"

Boromir is goin' through changes.


Too Much Love Warning: kind of slashy

size: 11 MB (wmv, zipped)
music: Queen "Too much love will kill you"

Aragorn, Arwen, Boromir video




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