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It is you (Pride and Prejudice - movie version)

size: 15 MB
music: "It is you (I have loved)" Dana Glover
completed: 06.12.2005

I had this song in my head while walking home from the cinema and I just had to do a video with it. I used official material (trailers, promotional clips) only.

Anna Karenina (Sean Bean/Sophie Marceau)

size: 3 MB (vidlet: 33 seconds)
music: "Bored to sobs" Gosford Park O.S.T
completed: 17.05.2005

I tried to vid this movie since spring 2004, but couldn't complete a full length video. So I decided to make a vidlet.

Warning: Major spoilers for the movie!


size: 13,7 MB
music: Saybia "Surrender"
completed: 20.06.2005

I love this movie. Wanted to vid it for some time. Surrender fits just perfect. The vid focusses on Randolph and Christabel. (Jeremy Northam is gorgeous!)


size: 12 MB
music: Damien Rice "Volcano (instr.)"
completed: 07.05.2005

Requested by Susann, hope you like it.

Weak and powerless (The Princess and the Warrior)

size: 13,7 MB
music: A Perfect Circle
completed: 12.04.2005

This vid is all about Bodo's despair. It's quite dark.

Unsung Hero (Timeline)

size: 13,5 MB
music: Tina Arena
completed: 25.01.2005

Marek/Claire relationship from Claire's point of view.

Goodbye To Love (Bridget Jones's Diary)

size: 13 MB
music: Carpenters
completed: 24.01.2005

Another Bridget vid. Bridget is giving up all men, really? (Contains clips of the 'Edge of Reason' trailer.)

Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (The Princess and the Warrior by Tom Tykwer)

size: 16 MB
music: Evanescence "Taking over me"
completed: 29.11.2004

This movie is one of my all time favourites. I hope I could catch a little of that special feeling the movie produces in the vid. It's about Sissi's feelings for Bodo and how her life changes completly.

Miss You (Bridget Jones's Diary)

size: 15 MB
music: Ellen Ten Damme
completed: 17.11.2004

I'm a Bridget/Mark shipper, but I had to do this vid. It shows how much Bridget misses Daniel.

Are you happy now? (Reality Bites)

size: 13 MB
music: Michelle Branch
completed: 31.10.2004

Lelaina and Troy. Lelaina's POV after Troy leaving. This vid is for Anja - Happy belated Birthday!

Forever may not be long enough (Bram Stoker's Dracula)

size: 13 MB
music: LIVE
completed: 07.08.2004

Shippy video about the everlasting love between Mina/Elisabeta and Dracula. I had the idea for this vid in mind for a long time, think the song fits perfect.

Live And Let Die (Starsky & Hutch)

size: 13 MB
music: Guns N' Roses
completed: 27.07.2004

This is my "Show Your Quality" entry for july. Theme is a non LotR action vid. This one was much fun to make.

Robin (Robin of Sherwood)

size: 16 MB
music: Clannad "Robin (The Hooded Man)"
completed: 04.07.2004

This is my first RoS vid and it's very simple. Please excuse the quality, but this show is 20 years old, so the pic quality is not that good on the dvds. Hope you like it though.